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Are you ready for your home to have a greater outdoor experience? Time to get a new deck built!

Get ready to finally use your entire yard this year. Extend with a new deck builder and deck repair, use composite or wood, add a fireplace or kitchen – we can do it all! 

The outdoors is calling and your yard is begging to be used. Decks, patios, pergolas, and pavilions also add value to your home. Work with a new deck builder and deck repair team that understands how to design and build an outdoor space. We use pressure treated lumber, cedar wood, TimberTech or Trex composite decking, so let us know your preference. Build or repair. We can share with you some idea’s for your new deck build or you can send us inspirational photos. Don’t forget we also install patio’s, pavilions, porches and pergola’s.   

Deck Repair 

Building a deck can get expensive. Repair can be a, practical, economical solution. In the long run, repair can be a better solution. Overall you just have a couple repairs that need to be done. For instance a rotten post. Whether it’s a patio, pavilion, porch or pergola as a result we’ve got you covered. Afterwards you will thank us.

In Fact, with deck repair we can offer recommendations on the best solution to repair your deck and make if safe again. We have repaired 1,000’s of deck in the Kansas City area. Looking to have a post replaced, or a new pier or replace just decking boards, the stairs or just the rails. This is what we do. Call us today or use or quick estimate request form on this page. If you have a deck that needs repaired we can help!

Low Maintenance New Deck Builder Options

Are you tired of maintaining your wood deck? Above all, we have a solution for that. Composite decking is more expensive up front. Overall composite can save time and money in the long run. Not to mention it does not fade or sprinter.

Our new deck builds are low maintenance. Quality building materials have resulted in decks being practically maintenance-free. So the hardest part of having a new deck will be selecting your new outdoor furniture.

So, when you’re ready to add a deck to your backyard or stain the one you have, contact Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling (APRKC). By all means; Call us today at (913) 730-3990 or complete our contact form to start work on your outdoor deck.

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