Elevate Your Space: 4 Compelling Reasons for a Bathroom Makeover

If it’s feeling less than luxurious, it may be time to renovate your bathroom.

For some, a bathroom is strictly a place for “your business.” But for others, it is a sanctuary where you begin your day or relax after a long one. Many renters and homeowners consider their bathroom a place for self-care

A bathroom renovation has many benefits and can add to the comfort of your home. Check out some of the reasons you should renovate the bathroom in your house.

Make more functional

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, it’s probably because your bathroom is too small, not functional or has limited storage. By renovating your bathroom, you can make changes that are better for you. That could be changing the sink cabinet to include more storage space, replacing the sink mirror and lighting fixtures.

Conserve energy and water

If your bathroom is dated, it is likely that your plumbing and fixtures are as well. Renovating your bathroom is an opportunity to check your plumbing for leaks, mold and other water damages. It’s also an opportunity to switch out your shower head and sink faucet to options that conserve water and save money. 

Improve your home safety

While water is a necessity for life, it can also be dangerous, especially in the bathroom. With water on the floor and many hard surfaces, it can be easy to slip and fall in a bathroom, causing injuries. Replacing your tub with a walk-in shower and additional holding bars on the wall can help you to stay safe. 

Increase your home value

An increase in home value usually results from investing in your home. As more first-time homebuyers enter the market, they are looking for move-in-ready homes. The more your house is renovated and updated, the higher the value.

Whether you make more expensive changes, such as replacing a tub with a stand-up shower or a sink cabinet, these changes add to the quality of your home.

Ready to renovate your bathroom? Learn more about our remodeling services and how our customers fall back in love with their homes. 

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