Elevate Your Space: 5 Essential Tips for Mastering Interior Paint Choices

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Choosing interior paint colors can be exciting and overwhelming.

While it can be fun to create your dream space and add color to your home, it can be daunting to choose from so many different colors. Thankfully, there are ways to make picking interior paint colors a less stressful experience.

With more than 10 years of experience, Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling has worked with hundreds of clients to transform living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens into spaces the homeowners love.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your home interior paint colors:

Let your decorations inspire you

Do you have artwork on a statement piece that will be in the room you’re painting? Let it inspire your paint color choices. If you want the art to stand out, it may help to pick more neutral colors that are reflected in the piece. If you don’t have art or a statement piece, look to your decorative pillows, multicolored sofa or fabric you love for inspiration.

Spin the wheel

Interested in choosing multiple interior paint colors? A color wheel will show you how different colors relate and complement each other. If you’re considering an accent wall, a color wheel can help you find complementary colors. You can purchase a color wheel on Amazon or from Michael’s Store. Also, don’t be afraid to consider colors that are outside of the box. You may find that you like a color more than expected.

Hang color samples

Your lighting will impact how the wall color appears in your space. For any colors that you are considering, put a sample card on the wall and leave it for a few days so you can see how it will appear. You may be surprised at how the color looks on different walls in the same room and at different times of the day. Based on the lighting, choose a lighter or darker variation of the same color to give you the desired look.

Consider neutral colors

While neutral colors are not the most exciting or bold, they are a great option for many homeowners. They add a calming feel to the room and provide a great backdrop for accent furniture and accessories. If you change your decorations based on the seasons or for multiple holidays, neutral colors will transition well and help your look stand out.

Neutral colors to consider include variations of white, grey, beige and blue. You can choose warmer or cooler neutral colors based on your furniture and the overall look of the space.

Create the dream

Sometimes you need to see the dream room to know how to create it and which colors to choose. Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to see a room in its entirety to give you ideas. You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles to see examples of our work and how paint colors were incorporated into the homes.

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