Exterior Painting Overland Park - Your Local Painters!

The APRKC team consists of experienced Exterior Painters that can provide you with the highest quality exterior painting  throughout Overland Park.  We’ve been in business for over 2 decades and have lived up to the quality of work that is expected on each exterior painting project.

Exterior Painting Overland Park - Your Local Painters!

The APRKC team consists of experienced Exterior Painters that can provide you with the highest quality exterior painting  throughout Overland Park.  We’ve been in business for over 2 decades and have lived up to the quality of work that is expected on each exterior painting project.

Exterior Painters Overland

There are many beneficial reasons to paint the outside of your home. Not only does it increase your home value, but it also protects your home from weather damage, insects, and additional wood rot. 

When you select Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling in overland park KS, you’re not just getting a paint job; you’re investing in your home’s future. Our commitment to quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service ensures that your home not only looks its best but also receives the protection it needs to stand the test of time. We are distinguished by:

Use of high-quality materials

Experienced and professional painters

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Explore The Best Exterior Painting Overland Park Ks

Every surface tells a story, and we’re here to make yours captivating.

Painting of Various Exterior Surfaces

From the rustic charm of siding to the welcoming warmth of your front door, our brushwork on various exterior surfaces — siding, trim, doors, windows — ensures your home tells a story of elegance and care. Our expertise extends across all types of materials, ensuring that every surface receives the attention and finish it deserves.

Wood Rot: Repair or Replace

Many houses in Overland Park have wood rot. We can help. With the different weather conditions in Overland Park ,it's not ideal for wood that is not protected. From a small board that needs to be replaced or repaired to a full house siding project, APRKC Exterior Painters do it all. Send us pictures of your wood rot and get a quick estimate today.

Pressure Washing

A clean canvas is essential for a masterpiece. Our pressure washing services strip away layers of dirt, mold, and mildew, preparing your home for a fresh new look. This crucial step ensures that our paint not only looks vibrant but adheres better and lasts longer.


Gaps and cracks are more than just cosmetic flaws; they're invitations to moisture and pests. We seal your home's exterior meticulously, using premium caulking materials. This not only enhances the paint job's finish but also fortifies your home against the elements.


The secret to a lasting exterior paint job lies in the preparation, and priming is paramount. We apply top-quality primer to ensure a smooth, even base that enhances paint adhesion and longevity. This step is crucial for achieving vibrant color and enduring protection.

Deck Staining and Repair

Our deck staining and repair service breathes new life into your wooden decks. By selecting the perfect stain, we not only enhance its natural beauty but also provide a protective layer against the sun's harsh rays, moisture, and the wear and tear of daily use. Our deck repair service addresses these issues head-on, from replacing worn-out boards to fixing structural problems.

Here’s how we bring color to your home:

  1. Consultation: We schedule a detailed consultation about what you envision for your home.
  2. Pressure washing:Our exterior painting projects start with a good pressure washing. Pressure washing cleans the surface so that the new paint adheres properly.
  3. Prep Work:Above all else, proper prepping of the surface is key to a great paint job and a point often overlooked. A key aspect to exterior paint longevity requires scraping of loose old paint from the surface. This allows the new paint to stick to a solid surface.
  4. Primer First:All gaps, cracks and nail holes will be caulked with premium caulking to ensure a watertight seal. Primer is applied on bare wood as needed. 
  5. Finish coat:The finish coat is where the color and the fresh new look of your home comes to life! You want a good paint job, therefore we use Sherwin Williams premium paints and sundries. Sherwin Williams paint is without a doubt the best paint. It’s best to use the proper mil thickness coat in light of paint manufacturer specs to emphasize the importance of a good coat of paint.

From Our Satisfied Customers

5 Stars

Mike M.

“APR’s team was amazing to work with from start to finish on my house painting project! They are very thoughtful, thorough making repairs, and professional in all aspects of the job from siding repairs, wood rot, and painting. I will use them again with no hesitations and recommend them to friends. Great Job!! Thanks APR!”

5 Stars

Emily S.

“Amazing workmanship and phenomenal results with installation of hardwoods and matching to original floors, kitchen backsplash replaced, painting and much more! We will definitely be using Aaron's Painting and Remodeling on our future projects!”

5 Stars


“We have used Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling for some smaller projects. This time it was a complete redo of our master bathroom. The results are great, Jason ( project manager) was easy to work with and responsive. Everyone was mindful of wearing masks and distancing. We would definitely hire Aaron’s again!”

5 Stars

George E.

“Aaron's Painting did a great job. We had some wood rot on our exterior trim. They came out quickly to get photos and a plan in order. Explained the process and gave a quote. A week or so later they got the job done. Everything looks great. They did a wonderful job."

5 Stars

Mikah S.

“Hired them to paint the exterior of my house. They were professional, responsive, and the work was done well. Even when I noticed a minor issue a week or two after they had finished, they came back to fix it without a problem. They were pretty much everything you'd want from a painting company.”

5 Stars

Brad P.

“Great company to have paint, install a door and do wood rot repair. I had a scheduling issue and they were more than happy to help me out with the issue. They came on time and were very professional with everything. I would use them again in the future.”

You can read more of our Customer reviews and testimonials on reliable flooring installations in Johnson County on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau , Yelp and Zaarly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I paint the exterior of my house?

The ideal time to paint your house exterior depends on several factors, including:

  • Climate: Aim for mild temperatures (between 50°F and 85°F) with low humidity. Avoid painting in extreme heat, cold, or rainy weather.
  • Sun exposure: Avoid direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day as it can cause the paint to dry too quickly, impacting the finish.
  • Paint condition: If your current paint is peeling, cracking, or fading significantly, it’s time for a repaint regardless of the season.
How long does exterior paint last?

The lifespan of exterior paint varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Paint quality: Higher-quality paints typically last longer than lower-quality ones.
  • Surface preparation: Proper preparation, including cleaning, scraping, and priming, significantly extends paint life.
  • Climate: Harsh weather conditions like intense sunlight, extreme temperatures, and high humidity can shorten paint life.

With high-quality paint, proper preparation, and a favorable climate, exterior paint can last 7 to 10 years on average.  With Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling, we ensure each layer is built to last.

Can you paint over old exterior paint?

Yes, but there’s a catch. The key lies in thorough preparation. Old paint needs to be evaluated for peeling, cracking, or chalking. Our team meticulously preps the surface, ensuring it’s clean, smooth, and ready for a fresh coat. This foundation work is crucial for a flawless finish.

What is the most durable exterior house paint?

Acrylic latex paints are generally considered the most durable option for exterior house painting. They can withstand temperature fluctuations and minor movement of the house structure. Also, they repel water, protecting your home from the elements and they are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Are you local painters?

Yes, Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling is a locally owned and operated business proudly serving the Overland Park community. We understand the unique needs of our local area and are committed to providing exceptional service to our neighbors.

How long will painting take?

The project duration depends on several factors, including:

  • Size of your house: Larger houses naturally take longer to paint.
  • Complexity of the project: Intricate details or multiple stories add to the time needed.
  • Number of coats required: The desired level of coverage may affect the number of coats applied, impacting the timeline.

Our experienced team will provide a detailed estimate outlining the expected project timeline after a thorough consultation and evaluation of your specific needs.

Do you offer Exterior Painting services near me?

Yes, we offer services throughout Kansas City, including in Overland Park, De Soto, Edgerton, Gardner, Leawood, Lenexa, Mission, New Century, Olathe, Prairie Village, Shawnee, Spring Hill, and Stilwell. Our team is equipped to provide top-quality hardwood installation services across the entire county, ensuring residents have access to the best Exterior Painting solutions no matter their location within these areas.

What is the cost to paint the exterior of a house?
  • The investment varies, influenced by your home’s size, the paint’s quality, and the prep work needed. We offer transparent quotes tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you receive the best value without compromising on quality.

To get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our team. We’ll thoroughly assess your property and provide a transparent price quote.

When it comes to exterior painting in Overland Park, choose Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling for exceptional quality and unmatched customer service. We’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing a stress-free experience, all at a fair price.

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