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To point, out the APRKC team consist of experienced Exterior Painters Overland Park that can provide you with the highest quality exterior painting has to offer in Overland Park, Johnson County Kansas and Kansas City Metro Area. Not only has Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling been in business for over 2 decades but also has lived up to the quality of work that is expected on each exterior painters job. Additionally Aaron’s painting only uses the best paint and sundries; Sherwin Williams. Need help picking out colors? 3 tips to choose exterior paint colors blog.


Our Process

  • Mostly all Exterior Painters Overland Park projects start with a good pressure washing. Pressure washing cleans the surface so that the new paint adheres properly.
  • Above all prepping the surface is key to a great paint job and a point often overlooked. Nonetheless scraping loose old paint from the surface so that the new paint sticks to a solid surface.
  • All gaps cracks and nail holes should be caulked with premium caulking hence a water tight seal. Applying Primer on any bare wood as needed. 
  • The finish coat is where the color and the fresh new look of your home comes to life! Your want a good paint job, therefore we use Sherwin Williams premium paints and sundries. Sherwin Williams paint is without a doubt the best paint. It’s best to use the proper mil thickness coat in light of paint manufactory specs to emphasize the importance of a good coat of paint. 

There are many beneficial reasons to paint the outside of your home. Not only does it increase your home value, but it also protects your home from weather damage, insects, and additional wood rot. In short make sure you choose the right exterior painters in Overland Park. 

Wood Rot Repair / Replace 

On the negative side many houses in Overland Park and Kansas City area have wood rot. On the positive side we can fix that! With the different weather conditions in Overland Park and Kansas City its not ideal for wood that is not protected. From a small board that needs replaced or repaired to a full house siding project. APRKC Exterior Painters do it all. Send us pictures of your wood rot and get a quick estimate today. 

 Why does wood rot happen and how do I get it to stop?

Wood rot happens because of several different reasons:

  • Parts of the wood board or siding on your house may not be protected.
  • Gutters over flowing is a point often overlooked. Undersized or clogged.
  • Water is getting into area’s it is not suppose to be.
  • Weather is a huge factor when it comes to wood rot. See our blog on how to protect your home from weather.

To stop wood rot:

  • May have to replace the board(s) that are bad.
  • Refigure gutters or clean gutters.
  • Cut-out bad part of board and install with new board.
  • Make sure your house is well painted and waterproof. Furthermore contact Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling Today!

Exterior Painters Services / Pricing and Timeline

All Projects are priced by the time and materials it takes to do the project. In the event that we find unknown wood rot we charge only for what it takes to replace the piece. We do not over charge! A typical exterior painters job takes a week or so. Start to finish. Timeline can change depending on detail on house, size of home or how much wood rot is on the home.  

Get started on your exterior painting project today!!